To Adobe: Suggestion for an improved "Export" for Lightroom

The Lightroom Export performance issue

I really like Lightroom and spend a significant amount with this program. But what i really don't like is how the export works: it's fri****, aeh really slow. if you google a bit for this, i am not the only one ;)

Admittedly, it got worse when i use my D800 ...

And of course i am aware of the tip to split up your images during export in two or three batches that one can export simultaneously (and thus use the multiple cores modern laptops and computers have more efficiently. Having a strong background in IT and writing highly scaleable web apps and services, such ideas come naturally ;)


Offloading load to the rescue! 

But: even if you export in batches that run concurrently, this only stalls my machine even more! Thats exactly what i do NOT want to achieve. I have my main workstation with 2 nice screens attached to it. And i want to do my work there and not wait until the export is finally through ...

What i really want to achieve is to offload the CPU intensive export to another machine after i  have finished my RAW converter work in Lightroom. There is different ways to achieve this: 

  • having another instance of Lightroom running on another machine that fetches the task and exports on this second machine
  • having a lightweight service installed on another machine that just does specialised tasks (like exports but this could be extensible) 
  • offloading this task to the cloud (given that the pictures are stored there already anyways)


And yes, for this Adobe probably has to code an additional layer into Lightroom that handles multiple clients to your Catalog file (which internally would support this perfectly since its a database)  


If you need a tester for this, i would gladly support :) 


Any thoughts on this suggestion? 


ps: and pls remove the ridiculous restriction that i can only install CC products on two machines!